Protect your lungs!

Nanotarpak Co. is a knowledge-based company that promotes life by using up-to-date technologies. It is located in Isfahan Science and Technology Town (ISTT) since October 2009.

The company has special advantages such as professional and experienced personnel in the field of textile engineering, nanotechnology, physics, chemical engineering, biotechnology, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. It is located at the biggest research town in Iran. Nanotarpak Co. works in the field of nanotechnology and nanofibers. Our Nanofibers filter and Nanofibers respiratory masks improve filter capacity and time-life and provide reliable protection against air pollution in cities and industries.


After several years of study and research, and investigation the reputable products of other companies in the world; in 2014 our company succeeded in manufacturing industrial respiratory mask which is modified by nanofibers. NanoPak respiratory mask is manufactured according to EN149, so it is classified in FFP3 level which was not produced in IRAN previously.